Who I am

Me My name is Nejc Škofič (or Skofic if keyboard with Slovenian layout is not available). While in terms on computers and programming I was no wonder child (I wrote my first non trivial code for faculty course), I’ve always had affinity for mathematics and logic. And coupled with love for building useful things, I think that programming is the best career that I could have chosen. And I like to think that I am pretty good at it too :)

What this blog is about

When working on one thing or another I must frequently find solutions to problems that are not trivial. Since I don’t know everything (yet…), I then have to spent time researching and tinkering until I am satisfied with result. This blog is an attempt to document interesting solutions. And hopefully you may find some of the posts helpful too.

As for topics, they reflect what I am currently working on. Mostly .NET platform related, Visual Studio usage and extensions and from time to time database related stuff.

How to contact me

If you have any comment, opinion or just wish to network, feel free to contact me via social sites listed in sidebar (or header if you are in mobile view). Or if you would rather send me an email: nejc DOT skofic AT gmail DOT com